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"As a student looking for off campus housing two things were very important to me:  1) I didn't want to live somewhere with the cheap, run-down feel that went along with on-campus housing.  2) I didn't want to overpay for a roof over my head -- again, something in stark contrast to on-campus housing.  When I visited your house on Clarendon I was really surprised to see all the work that you were putting into upgrading and renovating the living space.  When you guys finished the reno, just before we moved in, the space was immaculate, beautiful, leagues better than anything I could have gotten on campus, and was still a more affordable option.  Furthermore, the reno still had a few days to go when our move in date came.  To accommodate me and my roommate, you let us stay in your house (the house in which you lived!) free of charge.  I never had a single issue with the house or you as a landlord and I would recommend you and one of your properties in a heart beat."

Kevin English

"The best thing I did for myself upon moving to Syracuse was choosing Hyperion Development. As a single woman sick of room mates, I had a long list of things I wanted in housing that I wasn't sure I could fill. As soon as I stepped into my soon-to-be apartment with Gregg I was knew this was my new home. This was the safe, welcoming and beautiful space that I didn't know existed in Syracuse, let alone so close to everything I need! As a student at Upstate and employee of Syracuse University I was a short walk away from both. My apartment was on a quiet street where I was never disturbed by the typical parties, the other tenants were people I became friends with and trusted, I had off-street parking, laundry on site, extra storage when I needed it, cable and high speed internet already set up and ready when I moved in... Gregg takes care of everything. I appreciated that he took the time to make upgrades to the apartment that made me feel like I was living in a quality space rather than temporary college housing. The extra touches like my huge walk in closet, heated bathroom and skylights made me happy to come home. I had the space for my multi-season wardrobe and natural light in every room, which did wonders in preventing the winter blues. I loved having friends over and seeing their reactions when they stepped in and said "you live here?!" Thank you Gregg and the Hyperion Development team!"

Holly Redman

"I've lived in two of Hyperion  Development's properties and can say that they truly are  unique spaces that you can take pride in. When friends  visit, I get comments about how my place really does look  and feel like a home. As a property manager, Gregg is on top  of things. On the two occasions that something broke, Gregg  responded quickly and solved the problem. He pays special  attention to making sure the property is  safe.  I came to him in the fall  needing a place for the spring and he helped me find the  perfect fit based on what I was looking for. As a tenant, I  really appreciated that, and it has worked out great. Rent  from Hyperion Development & Gregg!"  

Philip Kramer, Class of 2018

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